Keep an eye out for 1-800-YellowPages from AT&T. It's currently only available in Bakersfield, CA; Oklahoma City, OK; and Columbus, OH, but they're expanding soon.

According to the (surprisingly crappy) web site, it's "a new service offered by AT&T that provides free access to directory listings with a few touches to the phone keypad…Consumers get free access to directory listings while letting advertisers reach potential buyers at a critical moment of their purchasing decisions."

1-800-YellowPages: that's 800-935-5697… uh… -2437.

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  1. Paul Says:

    It’s surprising that they call it a “new” service when it’s more or less the same thing that we at 1-800-Free411 have been doing for quite a long time — except 1-800-Free411 ads are much shorter and the process is a lot more streamlined. Take a look at our website for further information.

  2. K Says:

    1-800-YellowPages (1-800-935-5697) is available across the US. You can search for a listing by name or by type of business.

  3. delysid Says:

    Also, what makes this one stand out is that you can look up residential listings.

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