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Get me out of here!

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

In a sticky situation that you need to get out of? Not sure if that date or meeting is going to go well? Maybe you should cover yourself and arrange for a call to come in, that'll let you excuse yourself to take care of some important matter? Maybe you need Getmooh.

Getmooh ("GETMeOutOfHere") is a free service that lets you phone yourself, after a manner of speaking. On their website, you can enter a number to call—most likely yours—a time to call, and a choice of messages to use. On their FAQ page, they warn that their system has some kind of bandwidth cap placed on it, such that if that capacity is exceeded, your call may not get made. I suppose there's really no such thing as a mission-critical "get me out of here", but if such a thing were to exist, you'd be well-served not to rely on these folks to guarantee that the call's going to be made.

You do need to sign up to take advantage of this service, and your phone number is included with all outgoing messages, so if you're planning to have a call made to somebody other than yourself, know that your recipient is going to know who's responsible for the call.

Integrated reminder system brings together phone, email, and more

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

You're so busy you aren't sure whether you're coming or going. Your "to do" list is this long and you've got appointments late into the night. If you have to hold one more piece of information in your head, you just know it's going to explode. You've got all the technological horsepower to try to keep track of stuff, but you just know that there's going to come a time when you have something really, really important that you need to add, but it's really, really inconvenient to do so. That's where reQall may come in handy.

Touting itself as "the best way to remember what's important to you" reQall is a free service that helps you keep up with what's up. Access it via phone, smartphone, or the web. It integrates with Outlook, Google Calendar, and more. Make a call from your car—hands-free, of course—and you'll be able to incorporate that great idea into the rest of your life. No more "I had this idea, but it got away from me."

reQall is available as a free service, or you can sign up for an enhanced paid version for a couple bucks a month.