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Send a text message without a mobile phone

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

Text messages are a handy way to communicate. Use just a few characters to pass along tons of meaning. Of course, to send an SMS message, you need to have a cell phone. And you need to have it with you. Right now. And depending on your service plan, it may cost you a bit to send that message along. is a free service that addresses all of these issues. With this service, you can send a text message to just about any cell phone out there, but you don't need to use your phone–or pay your money–to make it happen. Go to their site, plug in the phone number and carrier of the phone you're sending to, enter your message, and send it. You don't need to sign up, so it's super easy to send your message.

Upload and download media for your WAP-enabled mobile device

Monday, February 15th, 2010

With your WAP-enabled wireless phone, you can upload and download files the way that you do on your computer. That makes it easy to grab pictures, ringtones, video, and more for your cell phone. But how do you get those files out there so that you can download them to start with? One way is to check out Like many free file storage services, you can upload media files and other stuff from your desktop to their servers. The difference is that you can then download these files directly onto your mobile device.

When you upload a file, you get an item code. When it's time to retrieve the file, point your phone or PDA at the site, enter the code, and download your file. They've got a 2MB size limit on files, so you're not going to be able to use this for general purpose file storage, but it should fill the bill for getting stuff from computer to phone. Files stay on the site for 48 hours, so there's time to go grab them before they go away. is a free service. There may be carrier-initiated charges for data transfer, so be sure to check your service contract.