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Phone Call from Santa

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Is there somebody in your life who would appreciate a call from Santa Claus? Well it just so happens that the folks at Gmail can help you out with that. They've set up a direct line to the North Pole, where you can give Santa the info he needs to place a personalized phone call to that special someone. You'll be asked for some information about yourself and your recipient—names, relationship between you two, nicknames, phone numbers, and stuff like that. Once they've collected all that information, they'll pass it along to The Big Guy, and he will phone your recipient and wish them a festive holiday season. If you're arranging a call for a little one, you may want to do a "dry run" call to yourself first, so you can see if there is any of the message you'd like to cut off by hanging up before the "…brought to you by Gmail" mention at the end of the call.