deathwatch: day 50

Feb. 22: "will be back in the next 5 days".

50 days later: still waiting.

On Monday, the AllFreeCalls CEO said in his blog that they are "the day to return is almost upon us … expect to have an announcement in the next 48hr."

3 Responses to “ deathwatch: day 50”

  1. Naughty Eye Says:

    It was a late April fool…

  2. delysid Says:

    Starting to look that way…

  3. We did it, Yak4ever goes live at Roam4free Says:

    […] Its been a long time coming. This guy had us on a deathwatch and Mike even put us in the “deadpool” We said we would be back and we knew we would be back it just took a lot longer than we had ever imagined. […]

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