deathwatch: day 20

Feb. 22: "will be back in the next 5 days".

20 days later: still waiting.

The CEO says: "Nearly there, just working through design and set up, 100% guaranteed coming back up."

Can't… hold… breath… much… longer.

3 Responses to “ deathwatch: day 20”

  1. Pat Phelan Says:

    Normally people that quote someone ask for permission but hey its ok, we are working on it, it is legally more complex than we had ever imagined, if its up in 2hrs, 2 days, 2 months it will be up,that I can guarantee.
    it will have a whole new look but there will be unlimited calls with no payment.

  2. rst_ack Says:

    I hope so…is there a mailing list that I could subcribe to that will notify me?

  3. dialtone Says:

    No list that I know of – just keep reading Phone Phun and the’s CEO’s blog

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