Arcade Fire Dial-A-Song

Found this tidbit at The Boston Globe:

If you're jonesing for new music from Montreal indie-rock quintet Arcade Fire and can't wait until spring to hear their sophomore release "Neon Bible," then it's time to let your fingers do the walking. …

Those who dial 866-NEON-BIBLE (or 866-636-6242 for the alphanumerically impaired) and then dial ext. 7777 will get an earful of an almost comically lo-fi recording of an impassioned, mid tempo, organ-and-glockenspiel-enhanced tune called "Intervention." There are also quirky "menu options" that allow listeners to leave a message or hear more about the "revolutionary, safe new medical program" called "Neon Bible," a title nicked from a novel by John Kennedy Toole. There's also a "free evaluative quiz" and a "$10,000 contest."

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