Create reminders, emails from your phone

How busy are you? A little busy; crazy busy; so busy you don't have time to figure out just how busy you are…. So how do you stay on top of things? Spinning your wheels may be impressive, but it doesn't really accomplish anything.

Dial2Do can help you keep on top of your schedule, communications, and more, all from the convenience of your phone. Just sign up for a free account, and you'll get a number to call to access the system. Phone them up and you can set a reminder for yourself, "write" and send an email, or create a text message, among other things. With the email option, not only will they do the speech-to-text thing to get your message to your recipient, but they'll also include a link so that your contact can listen to your original voice recording, which might be important if your message is jargon-rich and includes a bunch of stuff their electronic brain might not recognize.

This free service is currently in Beta, which means that there are probably a few bugs still in there. That also means that you probably shouldn't rely on it for mission-critical stuff, like remembering your anniversary–yikes!

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