In their own version of the Rejection Hotline, porn star Ron Jeremy and Virgin Mobile are offering "Dial-A-Dis". When a not-so-hot guy or girl asks for your phone number, you can give them the Dial-a-Dis digits instead of your own. In a recorded message, Ron Jeremy will let them down easy for you.

The numbers are (416) 348-1801 (to reject a woman) or (416) 348-1802 (to reject a man). Both numbers are in Toronto — so in addition to weaseling out of rejecting someone, you'll get the satisfaction of knowing they'll have to pay for a call to Canada.

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  1. dammit Says:

    damn, i called that number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bill Says:

    my phone comes with free US+kanada calls so $regular_call_charge.£0

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