Okay, so you've heard of dial-a-story and dial-a-prayer. How about dial-a-song? Just call 802-735-2710 (not a toll-free number) and listen to the music. WMUD is a low-power user-supported non-commercial broadcast radio station serving the Champlain Valley of Vermont and New York at 89.3 on the FM dial. In addition to their local audience, they also stream their freeform programming on the web as well as making it available via telephone. Just call 'em up—here's a way to get your money's worth from your unlimited cell phone plan—and bring 'em along with you. The music's all played live, but they don't have talkative DJs to get in your way. Listen to the radio for the music—what a concept!

These guys are free to listen to, no matter which medium you use, but as a user-supported station, we're sure they wouldn't mind if you happened to send them a couple of bucks now and then. And thanks to Bill for turning us on to them.

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  1. Jim Hunt Says:

    802-735-2710 is part of the AudioNow network. You can find more numbers you can call to listen to other great internet radio stations at http://www.audionow.com.

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