Dial-a-story where you tell the story

Dial-a-story services generally allow you to call or log in to listen to a story. This one's different, in that you are encouraged to leave a story, as well as listening to one.

The Story Collector is an opportunity to share with others the story you never got to tell, or the old favorite that the kids keep pestering you to tell again and again. Stories run from serious to amusing, touching to outrageous, and just about everything in between. While you can listen to stories submitted by others, this is your chance to make your own mark.

Fill in a web form with some minimal information—your name, email address, and any comments you want to make, and you'll be given a toll-free number to call to tell your story in your own voice. If you want to remain anonymous, that's an option as well. Make the phone call, tell your story, and you're good. Now everybody can hear about your most memorable vacation, the time the cat died, or why Aunt Mabel insists on bringing fruitcake to holiday dinners when nobody can stand the stuff.

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