Don’t spend your life on hold, use Lucyphone

Do you have so much time on your hands that you can afford to spend minutes (or hours or days) on hold waiting for "the next available representative"? (After all, you know your call is important to them.) If so, we salute you, but for the rest of us, it would be nice if we could designate a "pinch hitter" to sit there waiting for them to pick up.

Lucyphone is a service that is designed with this in mind. To get them to line up for you, just visit their site and register for a free account. Now when you need to make that dreaded call, just pick the number you're calling off their list and make your call. Once you're connected, you can just hang up. when your call finally gets answered, Lucyphone calls you back and you're immediately connected with the folks you're calling. Meanwhile, you haven't been sitting there with a phone jammed against your ear, and just maybe you've accomplished something during what otherwise could be your day's biggest waste of time.

Lucyphone is a free service. Getting your life back is pretty sweet, too.

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