Email addresses for mobile phones

Along with all the other things that make cell phones cool is the fact that you can send email to them. Communicating via SMS text messaging is pretty easy phone-to-phone: just enter the phone number you're sending to, write your message, and you're off to the races. But what if you need to ping them and you're not within reach of a cell phone yourself? Maybe you need that message to get through but you're sitting in front of, sigh, a computer. Great: use email. Oops; what's their email address?

Well, it turns out that's often pretty easy to figure out. Generally the phone number (with area code) is part of it, but what about the part that comes after the "@" symbol? For a list of email formats for the big deal carriers, check out the Mobile Phone Email Address Format page. They've listed many of the names you'd recognize. Some of them have separate addresses for MMS (media, like pictures) so double-check that you're getting the right one. Also, since these types of things can change over time, it might be handy to send a test message to your recipient before you really have to get in touch with them.

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