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Have you ever been somewhere, anywhere, wanting to know something and wishing that you had access to the Internet to look it up? (Recently I was in an electronics store eyeing a camera, wondering if I could get a better deal at Amazon. . .) Internet Search Pro is a free service that can bridge that gap.

Just call 1-888-ISP-FOR-U (1-888-477-3678) and you'll be connected to a human Internet researcher: ask her your question and she'll look it up online. According to the company, you can ask them to look up phone numbers, movie schedules, song lyrics, recipes, etc.

When I called asking for the price of an camcorder at Amazon, the researcher (with a thick Indian accent) put me on hold for a minute then came back with the correct price. She even offered to read the reviews of that camcorder.

But when I asked how they can offer a free service like this, with a toll-free telephone number, she couldn't answer that. "I'm not supposed to say. We are beta testing the service right now."

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  1. Kevin C Says:

    I’ve actually used Internet SearchPros service and was very happy with the prompt response and directions to my next appointment. I think they provide a very useful service and the fact that it’s free makes it even better!

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