Faxes as Online Art

Send a one-page fax to  1-855-330-1239 (updated 7/12/2014), and watch as it magically appears on the fax toy home page. You can also view and rate the pages that other people have faxed in. There's an RSS feed to watch incoming faxes, too.

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  1. fauxteur Says:

    first comment!

    nice blog. here are a couple of phone-related sites that may interest some of the visitors here. they aren’t particularly informative…more goofy than anything.

    i have only just visited this site (your site reminded me of the link), but it is about prank phone calls to live TV shows.

    decent archive of found tapes. check out the prerecorded Radio Shack answering machine greetings. Ken Sims is pretty funny too.

  2. Bob from Chattanooga Says:

    Thank you for linking my calls.

    I recently made it on VH1’s “Web Junk 20” as the #13 best Internet video clip this week.

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