Free Christmas phone call from Santa Claus

While the sugar plums may not be dancing in their heads yet, your little ones certainly know that it's December and that the Big Day is getting closer. What better way to really get into the spirit of the season than receiving a phone call from the Right Jolly Old Elf?

The folks at Kroger have arranged for you to get a personalized call from Santa—or Sammy the Snowman, or even NASCAR driver Tony Stewart if you prefer. Visit their website, give them some basic info—child's name, phone number, time for the call—and then sit back and wait for the special moment.

There's no cost for the call, but you do have to sign up for an account with Kroger; hopefully if you un-check the appropriate boxes on the form you won't be inundated with grocery-spam. Also be aware that there is an ad at the end of the message. It follows several seconds of dead air, but you may want to make sure that you grab the phone back from little Billy or Susie before the sales pitch starts. Ho! Ho! Ho!

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