Free conference calling with audio recording

Sometimes only a voice will do. You can send email, you can IM, but sometimes the only real way to communicate meaning most efficiently is to get on the phone. If you're dealing with a bunch of folks, a short—or maybe a not-so-short—conference call can get everybody on the same page with all their questions answered at once. Conference calling services can be expensive and cumbersome. Even some of the free services can be a pain to use.

The offering by Basement Ventures is called FreeConferencing, which pretty much says it all. With never a charge for conference calling, you simply set up the call—it doesn't need to be done in advance—give your participants the pertinent information (date, time, call-in number), and you're good to go. One of the big features they include is conference call recording, allowing you to keep a record of the conversation, useful for later review, or sharing with people who weren't able to be in on the call. You can even podcast your call.

BV FreeConferencing is a free service.

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