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The free directory assistance service 800-411-METRO is dead, but 877-520-FIND is a new free service for finding businesses. No live operators, but the voice recognition system is easy to understand, and understood me perfectly. There are no ads, and you can enter a ZIP code rather than saying the city to get more precice local results, you even can dial the name of the business instead of speaking it (if you don't want everyone around you to know your business.) After listing up to 8 businesses, it can connect to you to your choice, without you having to hang up and dial the number directly.

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  1. dialtone Says:

    It turns out 1-877-520-FIND was just a test number for Google 411. 520-FIND no longer works; the new number is 1-800-GOOG-411.

  2. dialtone Says:

    More on GOOG 411 here.

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