Free Party Lines offers a number of free party lines. Each service has 30 party line "rooms" that can have up to 8 people each. Other features include voicemail, personals, and bulletin boards.

The numbers are:

  • Internet Donut: 360-615-9402 (Washington state)
  • The Boston Raven: 617-723-5603 (Massachusetts)
  • Raven: 404-920-0146 (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Male Box: 404-920-0150 (Atlanta, Georgia)

The company also offers a large number of pay-for-play party lines. These four, however, are free (except for long-distance charges). None of these party lines are appropriate for kids.

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  1. UncensoredPartyline Says:

    If your looking for a good partyline check out 218-936-1414.

    If you don’t have Unlimited Long Distance then you can use (1-877)-GOO-G411.

    How to Use (1-877)-GOO-G411 that’s (1-877)-466-4411.

    1.) Start off by dialing 1-877-466-4411.
    2.) Once connected on your key pad enter “24382”
    3.) When asked for what business name say “Partyline”
    4.) You should be connected to “Uncensored”
    5.) To enter a room press the room number you want followed by the pound key. (Example: 1#, for room one).

    For a list of commands press ** while in a room.

    If you want to find out how to get your own partyline to run free of charge contact them at 773-572-3100 be sure to check out


    Do you have what it takes to run your own partyline?

    If you want to find out how to get your very own partyline free of charge go to

    To learn about the features go to

  2. yeraldin Says:

    is it cool ?

  3. Chatterbox Says:

    Welcome to the chatter box the hottest chatline around. This number is completely FREE no charges at all. We do not tolerate Drama Or Underage Callars you must be 18 to call this line. call 218-936-1474 or to setup your free voice mailbox cal 219-486-2874. I f you are interested in making some extra $$$$ you can run a room or do 100,000 min a month to get your very own free chatline.

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