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Simple VoiceBox is a service that provides a free voicemail box. You can use it as an announce-only message, or allow incoming messages. When I signed up through the company's web site, I was assigned a phone number in Iowa, which worked immediately. Unfortunately, the phone number isn't unique to you: your callers will need to enter an access code to reach your voicemail box. Simple Voicebox suggests using the service to record a message about your products or services, then giving that number to prospective clients. I don't know about that — the access code thing makes it seem less-than-professional to me — but it's a good way to score a free voicemail account.

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  1. Phone Phun » Blog Archive » Simple Voice Box 2.0 Says:

    […] The folks at Simple Voice Box (which we wrote about earlier) have added some new features, including message notifications via email and support for RSS feeds via podcast. It also provides the capability to convert messages into .WAV attachments so they can be passed on via email or convert them to a URL: here’s a sample. […]

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