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A certain electronics store used to boast "you've got questions, we've got answers." I suppose that's probably true, as long as what you were asking could be answered by something sitting on their shelves. But what about other questions? Sure, you could go to Google for answers, but it's not always easy to frame your search in such a way that you don't get a kazilion answers, none of which really answer your question.

Enter ChaCha. This is a slick service that will answer your specific questions. Not just another search engine, ChaCha relies on Guides—real human beings who will answer your questions. Whether it's the price of tea in China, or where to get the best pizza in Poughkeepsie, they've got thousands of Guides spread all over the country, so they really will have a good answer to your local questions, as well as more general ones.

ChaCha is a free service, and it's available via SMS text message, or you can phone your question in. To ask a question, text your question to 242242 (CHACHA), or phone them at 1-800-2CHACHA (1-800-224-2242). They'll text you back an answer as quickly as they can. Although this is a free service, your carrier's normal text messaging rates will apply.

So I wonder where you do you get that pizza?

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  1. alex Says:

    why doesnt it say message send failed….

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