Get info for financial aid at 1-877-PAY-4-SCHOOL

It's not easy getting into college. Study your brains out; get involved in all the extracurricular stuff, fill out applications, write endless essays, and so much more. And that's all before you're even accepted. Once you get the "fat envelope" with your acceptance materials in it, then there's a whole new set of concerns. Now that you're going, you have to answer the biggest question of all: how do you pay for it?

One resource that's available to help figure it all out is 1-877-PAY-4-SCHOOL (1-877-729-4724). Each week they have a new hotline message that includes general tips about the financial aid process, as well as listings of scholarships and other funding sources. They supplement this information on their website with links to "featured scholarships".

Whether you're looking at Ivy League schools or your local Community College, you owe it to yourself to find out what money is available to you out there.

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