Get info with 4INFO

If you're an information junkie, you can get your fix with your mobile phone and 4INFO. This free service uses SMS text messages to bring you the latest and greatest from whatever you're interested in. Since it uses the humble text message format, you don't need a "smart phone" to use it (does that mean you can use a "dumb phone?"). You can check airline flight status information, posts on Craigslist, weather information, or even program listings from TV Guide.

All you need to do is to register with 4INFO at their website–they do need your phone number, after all–and go from there. Sign up for alerts to be sent to you, or with some services like the TV listings, you can send a text message from your phone and get an answer in real time telling you when and where you can catch the next episode of "Dancing With Whoever We're Dancing With".

4INFO is a free service. As with all text messaging services, you are responsible for your provider's fees.

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