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One of the biggest pains-in-the-neck about modern life is the commute. Unless you just camp out under your desk, you've got to get from home to work, and then get back home at the end of the day. Some days are good, some days are bad, but you just can't avoid that drive. If knowledge is power, here's a trick that may just make you a bit more powerful.

Sign up for a free account at Now you have access to a wealth of knowledge about current traffic conditions. Not only that, but you can access it in the way that makes the most sense to you. Before you leave on your trip, open your browser and consult the web site. or you can have updates sent to you via email or you can subscribe to an RSS feed. If you're already out in it, you can always phone for an update—either send a text message to TRAFC (87232), or phone 1-866-MY-TRAFC (1-866-698-7232)—to find out about what's happening right now. is a free service and covers many major metropolitan areas.

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