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Are you responsible for getting the word out for your company or organization? Whether it's a big meeting, or just poker night, you may have to phone a few people, or a whole bunch, to let everybody know what's going on. Now you don't have to sit there and dial all those calls one-at-a-time. offers a service where you can send out voice messages to whole lists of numbers at once. Just record (or upload) your message, create a list of numbers to send it to, and pick the time and date to get the word out, and you're golden. makes the calls for you, and makes sure everybody's on the same page.

A free service, you can send one 30-second message each day to up to 25 recipients. If you need to make more calls, they also have a paid service that's available without restrictions. Either way, you don't have to dial your finger to the bone the next time you've got an important announcement to make.

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