Have the Old Spice guy answer your phone

No doubt you've seen the Old Spice guy on TV or YouTube, selling whatever it is that he's selling. Well, it turns out he's got a second job, doing voiceovers as well. Kind of.

If you'd like to have him record the outgoing message for your voicemail or answering machine, just point your web browser at the Old Spice voicemail generator. Choose your gender, enter your phone number, and click on a couple of message choices, and before you can whistle the Old Spice jingle (doo doo doot), you can download an MP3 of his testosterone-laden voice inviting your callers to leave you a message. And if you'd like, you can include the jingle in your message as well.

The Old Spice voicemail generator is a free service. Smelling like your dad's aftershave is optional.

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