Keep track of everything with UberNote

UberNote is a free service that lets you keep track of the increasingly large amount of information you need to stay on top of. Whether it's to-do lists, contacts, shopping lists, upcoming events, or anything else, it's a great place to put your "stuff."

It's easy to set up and use UberNote. At its heart, it's a web application. Create a free account, log in, add notes, tweak them, manage them. Since it's an online account, you have access from work, home, or anywhere else you have a live Internet connection. You can update notes via email or AIM, giving you more flexibility. Last but not least, you can also send a text message from your wireless phone to drop a note into your account. You'll never again have to worry about coming up with the Next Best Thing while not having any way to save it.

UberNote is a free service. Your account lets you store an unlimited number of notes.

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