Kill junk phone calls by registering with the National Do Not Call Registry

Tired of having your dinner interrupted? Really not interested in buying aluminum siding or changing your long distance carrier or subscribing to the newspaper? Have you registered your number with the National Do Not Call Registry?

While it won't stop all the calls, you can get rid of a lot of them by signing-up your home or cell phone number with the Registry. Once you're
on the list, you should see a reduction in the number of junk calls you get.

You can't register a business number, and there are certain types of calls that aren't covered, including political calls, calls from charities, and legitimate telephone surveys. In addition, anybody with whom you have a "business relationship" is exempt—if you have phoned them, bought something from them, or submitted any kind of application.

If after you're on the list you continue to get calls, the website has a complaint form where you can submit the details that will help the Federal Trade Commission to take action.

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