(More) Turkey Hotlines

So we covered the Buttterball turkey hotline, the other day, but it turns out that Butterball doesn't corner the market on Turkey Day info via phone.

The Perdue chicken/turkey company has a consumer help line at (800) 473-7383, and Foster Farms offers an automated Turkey Helpline at (800) 255-7227. Reynolds (the aluminum foil company) has a Turkey Tips Hotline at (800) 745-4000 (automated, running 24/7.) And the U.S. Department of Agriculture also offers a Meat and Poultry Hotline, at (888) MPHOTLINE (or:(888) 674-6854).

And if something goes horribly awry with your cranberries, call the Ocean Spray consumer help line at (800) 662-3263.

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