Play Colossal Cave Adventure on your phone

Video games on a phone? Sure, your Blackberry or iPhone won't have any problems with this. What about on a not-so-smart phone? For that matter, what about non-video games? So where are we headed here?

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (1975 to be precise), Colossal Cave Adventure, one of the ancestors of virtual reality, was created. Designed to be played on a terminal of a PDP-10 mainframe computer, this game painted a picture using only words and the player's imagination of the places and things encountered in a huge underground cave.

If your mainframe's on the fritz, fear not: this game can now be played on your telephone. To dial in, just call 610-DEAR-BEN (1-610-332-7236). To play the game, just listen to the narration and then speak commands when it's time to make your move. Your goal is to collect treasures and bring them home, all the while avoiding various traps and obstacles.

Of if you can't get over the idea of the non-video game, you can also play at via Skype and choose to include graphics.

Note that the call to play the game is not toll free, but presumably you'll be home free if you choose the Skype option.

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