Podcast via your phone

You've got something to say. With the current state of the Internet, you can have your say, and get it out there in front of people. Whether it's a podcast, or just adding a greeting to your website or blog, the use of sound helps put the "multi" in "multimedia". It can also put the "pain" in "pain in the neck". Podcasts are complicated things, requiring lots of fancy equipment, expensive microphones, and a lot of headaches to put it all together. It'd be nice if there were a more pain-free way to get your message out there.

Gabcast is an interesting online service that uses your telephone to record podcasts or other audio content, and make it available around the Web. You just phone a toll-free number (in the US) and start recording. Users who have subscribed to your channel will hear what you have to say. Include your new words of wisdom in an RSS feed; make it available to iTunes users; even embed it in your blog.

Gabcast is a free service, although there are additional features that they'd love you to upgrade to for an additional charge.

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