Poison Hotline

Everyone should commit to memory the number of the national poison center hotline number: 1-800-222-1222. There is actually a network of 65 poison centers around the US. When you call that number, you'll be prompted to enter your ZIP code and you'll be connected to your regional hotline.

There's also a hotline for poisoned animals: Kansas State University's College of Vet Med runs an animal poison center hotline at 785-532-5679. If you think your animal has been poisoned, an on-call veterinarian is available to help.

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  1. dialtone Says:

    A reader e-mailed this question: “Do you know if the poison control center for animals number you listed is 24 hrs? Also, is there a fee? I ask because I recently called a national 800 number for animal poison control but they charged me $45(!)to look it up. Technically, they asked for card info afterwards, and I could have just hung up, but I’m working on that whole “respectable citizen” thing and trying it out for a while. ”

    Yes, the Kansas State University Vet Med hotline is free, and runs (as far as I know) 24/7.

  2. KSU Animal Poisoning Hotline Says:

    The Kansas State Vet Med Animal Poisoning Hotline is free and available to the general public during business hours, but it is no longer directly available to the general public after hours. After hours calls are only accepted from veterinarians. If you have a poisoning emergency after hours, please call your veterinarian first.

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