Prank Phone Calls

Now, you shouldn't make prank phone calls… that would be wrong. But if you were going to make prank phone calls, you could use AfterVoice to do it: using text-to-speech technology, the service will call the phone number that you specify and recite the text that you enter, in your choice of 11 voices (including 4 non-English voices.) You can even specify the name and number that will appear on your victim's caller ID.

Not that you'd do that.

4 Responses to “Prank Phone Calls”

  1. Hal Norman Says:

    It doesnt work. Ive tried but it never worked. Its fake

  2. Johnny G Says:

    hey this thing works. It stinks though because it only says about 5 words then has an operator recording tell you thats its a demo and how to block your number from the service. Basically, it sux

  3. Cassidy M. Says:

    the after voice doesn’t work…well it only works once then it won’t work. and it’ll only say about 2-3 sentences.

  4. John Doe Says:

    The company that makes this technology feels it is for busienss use only. Funny, I’ve gotten these calls from scammers who want my name address and credit card number so they can service me.

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