Price Comparison By Phone

Frucall is a free, telephone-based service that helps you find the best online prices and rating information for any product based on its UPC barcode number. When you're out shopping and are wondering if a product on the shelves is available for less online, you can call Frucall at 1-888-DO-FRUCALL. Dial the product’s barcode number: the system will search major online merchants for the best online prices for that exact item and read them to you over the phone.

When I called and requested the price for a book, Frucall recited the range of new and used prices which included estimated shipping costs. The computer voice said: "New prices range from $19 to $50.50. Not available used. Price at Alibris is $19. Price at is $20…" You can opt to receive the price info as a text message, hear brief product reviews, and bookmark the item for later.

Although I found the computer voice difficult to understand at times — I sometimes couldn't decipher the names of the online stores that it spoke — this is a darn useful service for price comparison when you're in a brick-and-mortar store.

In addition, you can register at Frucall's web site, which enables SMS reminders, group messaging, and additional features.

Tip: when you are dialing the barcode number for Frucall, be sure to dial the single digits that may appear off to the left and right sides of the barcode.

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