Put your cell phone on ICE

While not everybody's running around with a cell phone today, there sure are a bunch of them out there. They're handy to carry along with you, so that you're never out of touch. And if you need to make a call, there's nothing like looking all over the place for a pay phone, finally finding one, and not having change or seeing that it's out of order.

Another handy thing about your cell phone: it may save your life. Your phone's contact list generally includes many if not all of the important people if your life. If you get hurt or are otherwise incapacitated, first responders may be able to use that contact information to get you help. But how do they know who in the list they ought to call?

It's a good idea to flag an entry as ICE—In Case of Emergency. Sure, you should carry your photo ID and emergency contact information in your wallet or purse, but it can't hurt to have a selected entry or two set aside as emergency contacts. While this doesn't guarantee that paramedics or fire fighters will be able to grab this info from your cell phone, we figure the more the merrier when it comes to giving them any help in getting their jobs done.

For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, visit the Urban Legends website at Snopes.com or read the Wikipedia article.

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