Quit Smoking Hotline

Ready to stop smoking, chewing, and otherwise imbibing tobacco? The 1-800-QUIT-NOW hotline offers telephone tobacco counseling and tips. It will also direct you to your local state's tobacco quit line: many states offer free nicotine patches and in-person counseling sessions.

3 Responses to “Quit Smoking Hotline”

  1. Marilyn Barnard Says:

    Please provide information for Oklahoma’s resource for free services available for friends who have asked me for information of support and free meds to help with quitting smoking.

  2. kris demmer Says:

    I recently had a heart attack little over a month ago. I was a smoker also. I am 43. Alot of changes i have made but ocassionaly will still have a smoke with my coffee in the morning and don’t want too. They say that is the worst thing is to continue smoking. How can i break the habit in the morning by not smoking a few smokes?

  3. BillY Says:

    to kris demmer

    say to ur self, im not going to have a smoke untill 11am, then at 11. say your not going to have a smoke untill lunch and so on.
    aparently when you consentrate on short distances of time, its much easyer

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