R. Kelly CD Preview

Recording artist R. Kelly has set up a hotline where fans can hear snippets from his next album. Call (312) 278-3965 to hear a 6-minute message previewing songs from his upcoming CD "Double Up". That number is featured in his latest video.

The number doesn't work from phones with caller ID blocking. Remember kids, dial *82 first to unblock your number.

Kelly is awaiting trial in Chicago on child pornography charges. A'ight.

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  1. Audrey Says:

    You are the Greatest. We came to your show 1 year ago today here in San Diego, we where front center with you all the way, You also allowed us back stage to chill with you and your crew, just an unforgetable 24 hours. And for the record, Your humility displayed for the time spent was nothing portrayed as by the media. Though folks may doubt us and my man was on a rampage that we spent the night just listening to OG Oldies with Kells, I would do it again. most do doubt us that we chilled with such a humble man: Me & my cousin both know that we were exposed to true GAME a real MAN a ICON that I have luved since “Honey Love”. Not once did you or your crew disrespect us as females. Your boy Jay even served us a gourmet plate of food. Your respect & consideration raised the bar. When those with hate speak on that mess, I let them know only GOD can judge him. Repsect him for the talent and the trials that the Lord has willed to him. Please come back to San Diego soon. We are having a RKelly party tonight to celebrate the all the fun we had last year. Along with your DVD, that is too live and all your jamz. We were hoping that the DVD was the Diego concert 2006 since we were right there front & center when your boy was recording it. Just keeping thing real, I will forward this to all my folks that stand behind you as a true artist, I have grown folks OG’z that love you, so don’t let these W*&^ F*@&# take your JOY!!! we love you KELLs.

  2. Audrey Says:

    On my above THREAD, please excuse and relate to the Speaking rather than writing. I’m at work. I was thinking faster than I can type.


  3. M$. Ridley Says:

    First off I just want to say that I am by far your #1 Fan Kells! Despite your personal and legal troubles, no one can deny that you are indeed a TRUE artist / performer / hit making song writer……the show you gave when you came here to San Diego was off the chains and well worth every dime!! When we were asked if we wanted to meet you in person back stage I didnt know what to expect but once we were back there I was amazed at how humble and respectful you and everyone with you were. We were shown nothing but LOVE from Kells and his peeps so its a must that I continue to show love and support right back! I have every R. Kelly cd including the new DVD that just came out last month. :-) Cant wait to cop that “Double Up” too…I’m sure it will be more FIRE to add to your BOMB catalog of music. People can say what they want about you but there’s no denying your unbelievable and unmatchable talent. Regardless of what goes on in your personal life, I will continue to support you and your music….keep putting out them hits and keep the verses BLAZIN on them features!! “Dont Ask Me What My Name Is…..You Gon Make Me Aim This…….Stupid Bitch I’m Famous!!” LOL Kellz!! How is it that you spit hotter 16’s than some of the rappers that be with you n some of these songs? lol I try to tell em its because you’re THE GREATEST at what you do and no doubt…..THE KING OF R&B yall!! Much Love & Respect Always!

  4. M$. Ridley Says:

    LOL @ Audrey It’s okay….just press the “SPELLING & GRAMMAR” box next time before you post! :-) LOL

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