Record your gift list for Santa Claus

Back in the day, you used to get all bundled up and head on down to the big fancy department store in the center of town and line up for a chance to sit on Santa's lap to tell him what you wanted for Christmas. Things are busier now and much more spread out, so maybe you can't take care of this important holiday duty. Well, Santa understands, and that's why he has come up with a newer, high-tech way to get your message out.

Point your web browser to to find out how leave him a voicemail message. Because he's a plugged-in guy, he'll take your message and forward it via email to some of his helpers (like maybe mom and dad) so that they're all on board as well. They can listen to your wish list, and maybe give that Right Jolly Old Elf a hand in making your Christmas wishes come true.

TelSanta is a free service brought to you by Santa's helpers at

(A tip of the phone phun phedora to Bill Russo for this one!)

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