Rejection Hotline: Let Me Down Easy

"Hello! This is not the person you were trying to call. The person who gave you this Rejection Hotline number did not want you to have their real number. We know this sucks, but don't be too devastated."

When you give a Rejection Hotline number to a wanna-be date who just doesn't interest you, they'll hear that message. There are 70 numbers across the U.S. — we were jilted by the one in Los Angeles: 310-217-7638, but you can get a complete list at The Hotline received more than 18 million calls last year, according to this article in the Houston Chronicle.

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  1. Dial-A-Dis Says:

    […] In their own version of the Rejection Hotline, porn star Ron Jeremy and Virgin Mobile are offering “Dial-A-Dis”. When a not-so-hot guy or girl asks for your phone number, you can give them the Dial-a-Dis digits instead of your own. In a recorded message, Ron Jeremy will let them down easy for you. […]

  2. gilleine Says:

    is that ur not a cute guy is that im better then u so u been rejected

  3. beatrice Says:

    OMG! this phone number is so cool. I gave this number to a kid at the mall that was trying to pick me up. it was so funny b-cuz he rilly thought i was interested in him. i know it was mean but it was very funny too! If anyone reads this, the only advice i can give u is to not do it to someone you know your gonna see again. If u know your never gonna see this person again, give them the number and laugh your ass off.

  4. Melissa Says:

    omg i gave this number to a guy at the mall one time because he was trying so hard to get my number. this number is so cool, and im going to tell all mah frands about it bc its so cool bc it lets the victim down “easy.” the recording is so hilarious xD

  5. Jazzie Says:

    i met this guy one day and we were hanging out for the day and it turned out he was a stalker/obsessed with me it got really annoying and he started to scare me and he kept asking me for my number so i gave him this number and i’ve never heard from him since!!!! :-D

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