Replace your voicemail with MessageSling

Sure, you get voicemail as part of your cell phone service plan, but is it really taking care of business? If you're tired of your important messages getting deleted after only a week or two, you're probably looking for a better solution.

MessageSling is a free service that replaces your wireless carrier's voicemail service. They provide unlimited storage, which means that you won't have to worry about that important message being deleted just before you need to retrieve it. In addition, they keep track of where all your calls came from, adding them automatically to your contact list. When a new message comes in, they'll text you, giving you a special number to call to retrieve that message—no more listening to the last ten messages just to get to the newest one.

While the basic service is free, we're sure they'd love to sell you some add-ons, including the ability to transcribe your messages.

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