Even if you don't care one bit about the R. Kelley audio clips phone number, you might be interested in the service that makes it happen. That number, and many others, is provided by a company called SayNow. The SayNow web site reveals a list of popular musicians that each have their own phone numbers, including Ashley Tisdale (818-836-8040), Lil Fizz (415-944-8370), and Tyrese Gibson (818-206-9337). You can hear messages from, and leave messages for, each artist.

Perhaps best of all, the SayNow web site lets you listen to the messages that fans leave for those artists. It's funny-but-sad to listen in on messages from rabid tween fans.

You don't have to be a musician to get a number at SayNow: the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team, and the popular shopaholic web site Woot have dial-in numbers, too. Unless SayNow hides its clients really well, it looks like only 16 or so bands/companies are using it so far. Any publisher or community leader can sign up for their own number. This could be a great way for music groups/religious cults/whatever to gain a viral following.

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