Send a Fax from your Camera Phone

You've just had the greatest brainstorming session ever. Everybody participated, you all gave it your best shot, so now you're ready to get out there and knock 'em dead. But how do you fit that whiteboard or those flipchart pages into the scanner?

Qipit is a free service that lets you send a fax from your camera phone. If you've got a document you need to send, handwritten notes to pass along, or a whiteboard full of the Next Great Thing, you're good to go. Take a photo with your phone and email it or send it as an MMS message with the recipient's fax number in the message, and it'll be sent directly to them. You can also save images in your Qipit account, or publish them to your blog.

Qipit is compatible with a long list of phones, so yours is probably included.

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