Send email to mobile phone

The ability to send an SMS text message to a mobile phone is a rather helpful thing. If your message is short and you don't need a quick response, you can get the word out in short order and go about your business. That's all well and good if you happen to have your cell phone handy. If not, then it becomes much more challenging. Did you know that most cell phones can receive email as well? All of a sudden, your options have increased.

The only challenge here is that while it's easy to send a text message–you just send it to your recipient's phone number–where do you address the email? That's not nearly so obvious.

A recent post on can help you with that. If you know your recipient's carrier and their cell number, you can send 'em a message. The site lists gateways for domestic use (major US carriers), as well as many foreign carriers. Your mileage may vary, of course, and undoubtedly your normal text messaging rates will apply.

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