SMS Game: Limbo 41414

Here's an interesting new game — sort of a combination of an auction and a sweepstakes that's played over text messaging. Limbo 41414 puts big-ticket items up for auction: stuff like a Hummer, a plasma TV, and so on. Players "bid" on the items, but unlike ebay, to win the auction you have to have the lowest bid that doesn't match anyone else's bid. The company claims that players come away with stuff like a video iPod for $4.30 and diamond earrings for $1.45.

To join Limbo send a text message with the word FREE to the number 41414 or go to to learn more.

The game doesn't support my mobile phone company, so I can't play via SMS. However, you can also bid on some auctions by calling 1-877-771-9257. I was able to try for tickets for an NCAA championship game via phone (I placed a unique bid but wasn't the lowest: the automated voice told me to call back to try again.) I could not bid on the Hummer via telephone — for that, you need to use SMS.

I don't understand the company's business model at all … maybe you should try to win cheap stuff before their investors figure it out.

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  1. Clinky girl Says:

    Be carefull with this game. It’s a lot of fun but I noticed today that they are starting to have premium auctions costing $.99 per entry. I been bidding on LIMBO for quite sometime now and all the auctions have been free. Supposedly the way they are making their money is by charging your carrier. I’ve got free messaging (except premium of course).

    Well today something told me to check my cellphone bill and WHOA was I suprised! See, I’ve been bidding on a video IPOD for a couple of days now and hadn’t noticed LIMBO has starting putting up auctions with the premium sign.

    I’m just sending out this warning for you to be carefull and not make the same mistake that I did by not paying attention to the details.

    Thanks for your time and good luck

  2. Judith from Limbo 41414 Says:

    Hi there

    I’m sorry you didn’t notice that we introduced premium auctions. Not only are the auctions posted as .99 per bid, it also calls it out in the rules and when you text in to play a premium auction the text message says it’s .99 since and has you reply yes to confirm.

    Hope you still enjoy playing Limbo 41414.



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