Talkster free international calling

How'd you like to make free long distance calls? What about international calls? Talkster lets you do just that.

Sign up for a free number at the Talkster web site. You enter your phone number and the number of the person you're trying to call, and Talkster spits back two local numbers, one for you and one for your friend. If you're in LA, you call your west coast phone number, and it'll ring through on your east coast friend's phone. They then call their local number, and through some telephonic magic, you're connected to one another and can talk as long as you like. You can up the ante by using this save service to call folks in dozens of countries around the world, or even to set up group calls. So what's the catch? You have to listen to a ten second ad at the beginning of your call, and you can only hook up five people at once. That's not much inconvenience when you figure what long distance and international calls can cost you.

Talkster is a free service.

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