Tell Me All About It

Tell Me at (800) 555-TELL delivers all sorts of useful information rolled up into a nifty voice-recognition system. Say "news center" for business or sports news, "weather" for your local weather and forecast, or "entertainment" for soap opera updates, horoscopes, and a blackjack game. The service is particularly useful for a quick fix of regional information such as movie times and traffic reports. The call is free, and the amount of advertising is minimal.

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  1. Jeff Jameson Says:

    Does anyone know who runs this number? I’ve used this number for years and want to know who is behind such a useful number.

  2. dialtone Says:

    TellMe Networks. I gather that the service is primarily for showcasing for the company’s interactive voice response services, which it makes available to other corporations.

  3. Remco Says:

    Yeps, it’s You can call them for free from anywhere in the world using the software from gizmoproject ( by calling the ‘411’ number.

  4. Free 411 from Tell Me Says:

    […] Tell Me (covered before here) has entered the free directory assistance market. The service says that it can find the phone number of any business in America for free. […]

  5. Microsoft acquires TellMe Says:

    […] Microsoft has acquired Tell Me, the phone service that delivers free yellow pages, news, stock quotes, etc. […]

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