Text to Speech Converter

Tired of the ranting and raving of the radio talk show guys? Top 40 not your thing? Can't stay awake with NPR playing? How about listening to a rousing Wikipedia article or two?

Pediaphon is a free service that converts Wikipedia articles to audio for you to listen to on your phone, MP3 player, or in iTunes. Just enter your search term, click the button, and in a jiffy you'll have your article as an audio file.

This is all good if you've had the foresight to grab the articles you want before you leave home, but what if you didn't? If you need one right now, and you're not somewhere where you have access to the Web, you can use their Pediaphon by Phone service. Choose from an extensive list of phone numbers in the US and beyond, dial in, punch a few numbers, and you're streaming Wikipedia audio directly to your phone.

Sure beats listening to reruns of Dr. Laura.

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