Trapster Speed Trap Sharing System

We've all had that sinking feeling: you see the cop in your mirror and look look down at the speedometer to see the needle inching above the posted limit. It's not like you're racing down the street, but you may have to try to explain it all to The Man. It would be nice to have a reminder to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Trapster is an application for your phone that updates you with real time speed trap information. Unlike radar detectors, where you may find out too late that you're being tracked, Trapster lets you know before you enter a targeted area. In addition, you can be warned about red light cameras and other enforcement tools that you may be about to encounter.

You can install the Trapster application on your phone, or you can access their service via voice and SMS without installing anything, or even log onto their website from home or the office. Report traps that you've encountered, and hear about new traps reported by others.

We don't want to suggest that you should drive any way but safely, but sometimes a gentle reminder can go a long way in helping you to remember to be careful out there. While some jurisdictions use traffic enforcement for "revenue enhancement," ultimately anything that encourages you drive more safely is probably a good thing.

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