Update on Free International Calling

Of the three services that we've discovered that offer free international calls, two of them have already gone belly-up. The web site of Futurephone (which we wrote about here) says the service is no longer available, and FreePhoneCallz.com (article here) has quietly gone disconnected. Maybe the Universal Service Fund loophole that these companies were using to generate income isn't all it's cracked up to be.

But AllFreeCalls.net (article) still seems to be humming along — at least, for now. AllFreeCalls.net lets you call two dozen countries for free. Dial 712-858-8094, and listen to the instructions. Dial 0-1-1, followed by the country code and the number you want to call.

Looks like I spoke too soon: according to the blog of AllFreeCalls' CEO, "Our allfreecalls provider in Iowa today took flight due to increasing pressure from a large USA based carrier." (Hint: its initials are A, T, and T.) He continues, "We are working on getting a new number up. We expect to be back in business on Monday afternoon…"

We'll see about that.

Here's info about the AT&T lawsuit that's killing the free international long distance services.

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  1. Delysid Says:

    The service for Jazango is still available. The access numbers are: 218-339-1986 and 218-339-1990.

  2. federico Says:

    let me know any other number that works to callout of the states

  3. zombiefreak Says:

    Thanks Delysid! Worked like a charm!!

  4. Delysid Says:

    Add 218-339-1981 to that list

  5. dialtone Says:

    Delysid: I don’t know for sure, but I don’t think those numbers are meant to be open to the public. The Jazango web site is down and the company’s press contact number now goes to a company that has no idea what a Jazango is.

  6. Delysid Says:

    You may be right. I am not sure if the numbers are ran by Jazango now or another company. The numbers are definitely more undergroup than the numbers used by Future Phone and All Free Calls.

  7. dialtone Says:

    you mean underground?

  8. delysid Says:

    Yep, sorry

  9. KELLY Says:

    Why the number does not work?
    I asked me to input some code?

  10. delysid Says:

    It worked up until today. April 19th. Maybe it will be back, but we may have seen the end of the international calling.

  11. delysid Says:

    Apparently it works, but only with certain providers. For example, I cannot access it with my T-Mobile phone. My friend cannot access the number with his Verizon phone, but he can with his Cingular phone.

  12. Richard Says:

    Thanks. But now it requires an “anthorization code”? What the hell is that?

  13. dialtone Says:

    For the last time! The numbers at 218-339-1986 and 218-339-1990 are NOT open to the public. Jazango has closed down. That’s what the hell is that.

  14. delysid Says:

    The number actually changed. The new number only works with certain phone carriers. However, I am not posting this new number since I do not want to have this one also shut down.

  15. delysid Says:

    that is not exactly motivating

  16. delysid Says:

    You know what, I am going to post the number. The only reason is that I am curious of who can reach this number with what carriers. I cannot reach this number anymore with my local phone company or T-Mobile. My friend cannot reach the number with Verizon Wireless, but he can with Cingular. So, please post whether or not you were successful in making international phone calls with +1.218.936.5936.

  17. dialtone Says:

    Landline (AT&T local carrier): “please enter your authorization code now”

  18. delysid Says:

    Thanks for posting. I am trying to figure out the pattern to the blocking to find a way around it. I appreciate the information.

  19. mr. mister Says:

    There is no pattern. It’s not a public number. Who told you it was free? It’s not. You will likely get a bill.

  20. delysid Says:

    I will not get a bill as I cannot get the number working for any carriers I use. My friend uses a business account with Cingular and the number works for him (I verified this by using his phone to call the number). I do not actually make any international calls myself, I have friends that have loved ones overseas. I will let you know if he gets a bill, but once the call terminates in Iowa and he is on the system, how does AT&T know where he is calling. I am just interested in the technology behind it all and this is the only reason I am showing any interest.

  21. dialtone Says:

    Please do not post offers to give out or sell the authorization code here.

  22. Richard Says:

    Thanks. But the new number 1.218.936.5936. doesn’t work either. It still requires an authorization code. I am in Canada.

  23. delysid Says:

    Well, it does work with a Cingular business account. That is the only way of accessing the number that I have confirmed works with no access code required.

  24. Jhon Says:

    With Cingular is not working anymore =(

  25. delysid Says:

    Nope, it is not. I confirmed with my friend. But, all free calls is back under http://www.yak4ever.com/. You have to register, but it is looks good. I have signed up to test the service.

  26. Richard Says:

    Thanks, Delysid. I registered at that site, but it still requires authorization code. Did anyone make successful free calls there?

  27. S Says:

    Thanks for all information. I registered as well and it does not require authorization code. I was told that “enter the destination number”. But it was not connected due to the network difficulties. And I am curious whether I have to enter 011+destination number or only the extension number…

  28. delysid Says:

    I was wondering the same thing. So far, it seems to work with dialing the number directly. I wonder if the extension portion of the service is down for maintenance? I dialed the US Embassy in Prague directly and the call completed.

  29. Richard Says:

    I got it. Now, after dialing the access number, we just dial 011 + the number you want to call, then the line is through after pressing the # key. The extension number doesn’t matter at all. You can all any number, I have tried. It works now, though I am not sure how long it will last. Thanks, Delysid! you are warm hearted.

  30. S Says:

    I got it too!!!
    You are right, Richard. But another simple way! As I confirmed with them, dial the access number, and press the extension number 1 to 10 (when you register, you assign the destination number 1 to 10) then press #key. It works well and I hope it will last long.
    Thank you all, especially Delysid!

  31. Richard Says:

    Yes, S. Your method is simpler. But I have to remember the extension number. And second, to call phones not included on the list, I have to dial. Can you also call phones not on your orginal list?

  32. delysid Says:

    So far I have been able to call numbers not on my original list.

  33. ASTRID Says:

    well i tried that phone number that all of you are saying but it’s asking me for a code number!! does anyone have it or what’s the way to dial it cause i tried what some people post it above…

  34. Max Says:

    all circuits are busy for yak

    i’ve been trying for two days and have not been able to make a call.

  35. delysid Says:

    I have made numerous calls on Yak. Not sure if I am just lucky or what.

  36. laura Says:

    the yak number is not working for me !!! I dont know if depends on the carrier im using, I have tried everything …vonage, sprint ,tmobile and no luck I registered couple of days ago and is still asking me for an authorization code ….help please!!

  37. Baker Says:

    Delysid is pretty much an idiot. He doens’t realize whats going on, and can’t keep his piehole shut.

  38. delysid Says:

    Actually, I know exactly what is going on with the carrier lawsuits, the FCC, etc. I have been following the story closely for months and I have copies of the lawsuits. I do not see why it is a big deal that I post information that is widely available on the internet. You people treat this as if this is classified information. Stop acting like you are elite for knowing something that is public knowledge.

  39. john malkovitch Says:

    Yak is not working for me. This service is very complicated to use.

  40. Richard Says:

    It’s working. All those who complain and even curse here are too …

    Thanks Delsyid. We all need to use our head to figure it out. Great service at yak now, though I don’t know if a free meal will last long. Hope so.

  41. Dongfang Says:

    it’s working. It seems that we hear them well, but they don’t hear us well.

  42. Dongfang Says:

    It always tell me “All circuits are busy pls try again later message 100” since last two days….

  43. LaAmericana Says:

    Keeps asking me for an authorization code…

  44. LaAmericana Says:

    No more request for authorization code, now it just disconnects the call completely, never goes through.

  45. Delysid Says:

    I am not sure if I should say anything or not after so many people became pissed off after I posted information that was already widely available online, but what number are you dialing?

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