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People have all kinds of reasons for liking to stay in hotels. Some folks like room service. Others enjoy the chololate-on-the-pillow turndown service. Our favorite is the wake-up call in the morning. Rather than the ACK-ACK-ACK of the alarm clock, or the rantings of a talk show guy, you get a simple phone call. It's not quite the same as mom coming in and waking you up, but it's close.

Wakerupper is a free service that will make a wake up call, or phone you any other reminder that you want. Go to their website to set the time and phone number for the call. You can even enter your own text, so when your call comes in, you'll hear your message read back to you by a pleasant electronic voice.

Now that you know you're going to be awake on time, think of the other types of calls you can arrange: reminders for meetings, picking the kids up from soccer practice, and more. It works with any phone in the US or Canada, so you can use it while you're traveling as well.

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  1. Bill Says:

    busisignal, I found your blog on AOL search and read it every day. thanks for the blog. anyway, I set up a phonefun-by-SMS service. just text phonefun(not phonephun) to 44633. again, phonefun to 44633 and get a menu of recent entrys. please post alittle more often and thanks for the blog.

    Bill Dengler

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